Tamworth Garden White Mountain Gin


Sweet and floral, with tropical fruit nose and a lingering piney aroma. The first sip gives a familiar, London Dry impression from the coriander/juniper with a slightly woody angelica root connection. Then the guava and citrus roll in just after the floral notes subside. Sipping straight, this gin aromatizes in the mouth, and lighter notes travel to the nose. Drinking straight is excellent, with its soft, ethereal nose and slightly fruity sweetness, White Mountain Gin’s slightly higher proof allows for very successful mixed drinks. The higher proof not only maintains integrity during mixing dilutions, but it keeps essential oils dissolved in solution until that moment of mixing. Those oils are the compacted scents and tastes of the ingredients, and really have a chance to shine in classic cocktails. It’s likable hoppy-ness allows for more unique cocktail experimentations.