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Authentic Kola Syrup


Brand True

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From the makers : "Kola nuts were once so treasured that ten was a gift for a king. TRUE Authentic Kola Syrup is made from real Kola nuts, mixed with vanilla, ginger, and cassia for a sweet cinnamon taste. It’s also a natural source of caffeine. TRUE makes kola the old-fashioned way, without corn syrup, dyes or artificial sweeteners. They add demerara sugar for a deep molasses taste, which makes our Kola Syrup a great addition to cocktails and sodas.

Add club soda for that old-school cola taste or use it as a replacement for simple syrup to add texture and complexity to old-fashioneds and mojitos. One bottle makes 30 drinks, and is shelf stable 12 months. (Refrigerate after opening. Will keep refrigerated for 6 months.)"

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"TRUE makes cocktail syrups, garnishes, and ingredients the way they were made in the pre-prohibition era.  Real ingredients, no artificial chemicals, no nonsense. 

Founded in November 2014, TRUE cocktail products are carefully researched and engineered to pair with your specialty liquors, and to make your cocktails authentic and delicious."

12.5 fluid oz.

Hand-crafted in Washington DC.