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The Book Slinger - Sloppy Joe's Cocktail Manual 1931-32


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Jose Abeal Otero, the owner of Sloppy Joe's bar in Havana, came to Cuba to run a grocery store after years of bartending in the United States. But as prohibition took hold in the United States, Otero's focus switched back to wetting the whistles of American's wealthy enough to travel to one of the closest bars, Sloppy Joe's in Havana, Cuba. Otero entertained the wealthy and famous at his bar, including John Wayne, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, and Ernest Hemingway, who often worked his books at the long wooden bar. The quality of ingredients and the enjoyable atmosphere made this bar one of the world's most popular places to have a drink, but unfortunately the Cuban revolution and the institution of Communism brought a quick end to the famous bar, which has just recently reopened after being closed for 48 years. This Sloppy Joe's Cocktail Manual features the history of Sloppy Joe's Bar, advertisements, and a sandwich list and, of course, a list of the most famous cocktail recipes of the time, including an early Mojito Recipe the bar was famously known for.

Sloppy Joe's Cocktail Manual, Season 1931-32. Printed in Havana Cuba. Small pocket sized manual 61 numbered pages plus 3 index pages. A rare Manual from Havana's most famous bars in near fine condition.

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