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Summer Shrubbin'


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Summer Shrubbin' Cocktail 101 Workshop
August 2nd 6-8pm
To cap off our month of Summer shrub features, we're hosting a shrub cocktail workshop to demystify this delicious digestive ingredient.
What is a shrub, anyway? You see them on cocktails lists and health food aisles, but what is this sour ingredient with the weird name? The answer is surprisingly simple: fruit, sugar, vinegar, water. Colonial Americans used shrub recipes to preserve the extra fruit at they had at harvest time, and now bartenders use them to add another layer of flavor to their drink recipes.
Learn how to use them and why you should, at our Summer Shrubbin' cocktail workshop. Guests will make a shrub with the help of the instructor, and learn the techniques for using shrubs in cocktails, make cocktails of their own, and try a variety of cocktails with and without shrubs in order to taste the difference. $40 admission includes all of the above. Tickets are limited.
Cocktail 101 
Our Cocktail 101 courses are a series of workshops designed for the beginner home bartender — no experience necessary. Learn how to make classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, answer the age-old question of when to shake and when to stir, and gain an understanding of basic spirit and cocktails categories like manhattans, tiki cocktails and juleps. Each workshop is roughly 90 minutes long and includes instruction/demonstrations, two cocktails, recipes to help you recreate them at home, plus some assorted take-home goodies.