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Strawberry Dill Shrub


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You gotta smell this! It's the first flush of summer. Made from #2 berries from 78 Acres Farm in Smithsburg, MD, our Strawberry Dill cocktail vinegar packs the aroma of fresh picked strawberry patch, with the clean finish of fresh herby dill. It’s so lush, so decadent, it’s the strawberry flavor you’ve always wanted but never found. Fresh berries from local farms give us the natural color and the beautiful fresh fruit nose.

STRAWBERRY DILL and smoke are like BFF. Bring on the Tequila, the mescal, and the woody Bourbons! It’s a match made in heaven. Of course, STRAWBERRY DILL also pairs well with amaro, vermouth, and vodka. 

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"Before refrigeration, farmers used vinegar to preserve excess fruit during harvest. Wait a bit, then add some sugar and you’ve got “shrub.” Like the word alcohol itself, the term “shrub” originated in the Middle East. It’s an old art and we’re bringing it back and into the bar.

Shrub District cocktail vinegars are the purest expression of fruit you can find. From nose to lingering finish, our flavors capture the season in a bottle. Why? Because we use only  fresh whole fruit, herbs, and spices."

- Shrub District

8 fluid oz. glass bottle.

Hand-made in Washington D.C.