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House of Tamworth Corpse Flower Durian & Indole Brandy


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They say that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar...but Mother Nature proves you can actually catch more flies with a corpse.

While the sweet and ethereal scents of most flowers are meant to attract bees and other pollinators, the grittier blooms use the scent of decay and death to attract all manner of insects. It's this very tactic that is infamously employed by the Corpse Flower - a massive, diabolical bloom that emerges for a short window every decade or so. And when the legacy of your species depends on a 24-48 hour blooming period, the more pungent, the better.

Tamworth Distilling explores this relationship of funky and floral, decay and bouquet with House of Tamworth Corpse Flower - a diabolical mix of some of the most pleasingly unpleasant petals in the botanical world. Take Indole, for example. Responsible for the harsh and repugnant tones found in the otherwise sweet aroma of the Jasmine flower, the chemicals - such as the dingy molecule - found in Indole result in an excellent fixative and offer a depth and complexity that is fully utilized by the perfume industry. Similarly, the Angelica flower also features a deeper, muskier quality that is balanced with its sweet aroma, all due to the animalistic macrocycle lactone that is naturally derived from the Angelica root (a familiar gin ingredient).

In House of Tamworth Corpse Flower, we isolate these naturally offensive molecules and highlight them for a complex and completely unique drinking experience. Sure, an initial whiff may give you chills, but with a 1:1 dilution or the addition of a melting ice cube, that sickly aroma will turn into a sweet, sophisticated sipper that is nothing short of alluring.