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February First Friday x AITA Mountain Berry - 2.07.20


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February First Friday
AITA Mountain Berry Cordial Release
February 7th, 2020
6-9 PM

RSVP to Attend / Cocktails are pay as you go / Must be 21+

AITA Mountain Berry: The summer berry production in New Hampshire is a small but joyous window in mid-summer. The ripening of these small fruits is received with huge appreciation from the forest critters. Red Raspberry, aptly named Honeyberry and Aronia berry are among the bunch of sought-after gems. These low hanging plumps are a burst of flavor. Such as the Aronia berry, or chokeberry, is known for its astringency, which aids in providing a tartness to the otherwise syrupy trifecta.

Flavor Profile: The nose is like freshly macerated red raspberry jam, just starting to warm on a stovetop. The bright acidity and slight seediness is glazed over by the more syrupy honeyberry. This nose evolves from lively and peaked into a more mature elderberry aroma. The addition of chokeberries really rounds what could have been the overly saccharine summer berry duo. The mouthfeel is closer to port or even a slight tannic kick of Italian Sweet Red wine. The midpalate has more of a gripping sensation than what you might expect from a berry only infusion. Oak and acidity engage more of the taste buds, breaking up any simplistic understanding of any given berry. The finish has a wisp of stone fruit or black cherry.

*Only 50 bottles have been produced! Grab yours at the event before they are gone for good!