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Art in the Age Chicory Root Vodka


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Chicory is one of the oldest plants to be mentioned in literature (by the Roman poet Horace in 30 B.C.E.), but its emergence as a coffee substitute or additive dates back to 1808, when Napoleon's Continental Blockade caused a coffee shortage. The innovative French made what little coffee they had go farther by mixing it with chicory. From there, the practice spread to the French colony of Louisiana, where Civil War naval blockades in the 1860's made chicory coffee — particularly paired with beignets at the Café du Monde.

For their chicory vodka, Tamworth Distilling combines the dark, nutty notes of roasted chicory root with dandelion root and maple syrup for a bittersweet, spicy flavor. The roasted chicory offers a rich, "dark roast," note, which is balanced by the slightly bitter bite of dandelion. Hearty rye seeds provide a grainy aspect to the spirit, and maple syrup adds a sweet finish. Art in the Age Chicory Root Vodka pairs naturally with coffee, as well as brown spirits like rye whiskey.