Pineapple Allspice Shrub


Take me to paradise! Find an umbrella (beach or tiny), because one sip of Shrub District PINEAPPLE ALLSPICE will take you to the tropics. Pure pineapple leads the way, leaving you refreshed. Then the Allspice sneaks up behind you, hugging you close as you both watch the sun set over the water.

It’s hard not to want another Piña Colada when they’re guilt free like our recipe using coconut water instead of cream. Or just pair it with your Bourbon in a Pineapple Whiskey Buck, or Rye in a classic Algonquin.

* * * * 

"Before refrigeration, farmers used vinegar to preserve excess fruit during harvest. Wait a bit, then add some sugar and you’ve got “shrub.” Like the word alcohol itself, the term “shrub” originated in the Middle East. It’s an old art and we’re bringing it back and into the bar.

Shrub District cocktail vinegars are the purest expression of fruit you can find. From nose to lingering finish, our flavors capture the season in a bottle. Why? Because we use only  fresh whole fruit, herbs, and spices."

- Shrub District

8 fluid oz. glass bottle.

Hand-made in Washington D.C.