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Crybaby - Fruit Punch Bitters


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"hibiscus and pineapple meet with anise, allspice, and cinnamon to make instant tiki babies out of any Beverage. And it makes your drink pink! Daiquiris and margaritas love it, pink martinis need it, plain old soda water belongs with it, homemade ice cream begs for it.

Fruit Punch Bitters makes Bay Leaf Bitters so jealous, it’s almost unbearable. It took BLB five failures over two long, on-and-off years to finally find success in this bitter world. Then FPB comes along and is instantly successful, achieving self-actualization in less than a month. Even though BLB is much older and wiser and was doing the bitters thing way before FPB was even born, everyone likes FPB more. She’s cuter and full of youthful energy. She’s like the girl from Ipanema."